This Woman Lost 100 Pounds, Became A Model, And Her Journey Will Motivate You To Be Your Best Self

Three years ago, Mathilde Broberg (nice name, yo) of Denmark would have never thought she would one day be a model. Weighing over 250 pounds and eating 3,5000 calorie meals on the regular, Broberg’s habits were bad and her prospects felt gloomy. To top it all off, she had an embarrassing moment at an amusement park, when she was almost turned away from riding due to her size.

And then it all changed.

After recognizing that her diet was limiting her, Broberg fought back against her cravings and clawed her way to good health, ditching the burgers and chips, saying goodbye to the chocolate, and drastically changing her eating habits. The Daily Mail reports that Broberg stopped eating with anything but a teaspoon (which could be awkward in social situations) and forced herself to eat portions only as big as her hand (which sounds draconian, but is actually correct when you consider that we’re not meant to eat giant sandwiches covered in cheese and bacon) (but think how awesome it would be if we were).

The weight loss and health changes didn’t come quickly. While some people drop their weight almost instantly, Broberg spent four years on her body, dropping 100 pounds, becoming a personal trainer in the process, and then being chosen to appear in catalogues and commercials.

Broberg, who finds time to be a student between modeling and training, says that the weight loss has really helped her with anxiety, which she told The Mail her early life had been dominated by. Instead of hanging out with her friends, she’d retreat, worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep up. Now she’s so busy it’s a wonder if she spends any time at home.

The model’s last act of saying farewell to her old body was a tummy tuck — paid for by the government — that allowed her to feel like herself in her skin again. Now, she’s flying high and inspiring others.

“Before the surgery, I felt trapped inside a body that wasn’t really mine,”she said, “now that my excess skin is gone I feel like I’ve transformed into the real me.”