This Woman Live Tweeting Her Airplane Seatmate Sounds Like Something Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

Anyone who travels regularly has probably had at least a handful unpleasant in-flight seat mate experiences, whether it’s the all too common crying baby, chatty Cathy, snorer, someone eating stinky food, etcetera, etcetera. But few have experienced the horror that writer Sara Nović recently did on a flight Friday morning. Nović was lucky enough to score an aisle seat on her flight, and even luckier to have the middle seat occupied… by a human being.

But unfortunately that’s where her luck ran out.

It’s unclear whether or not the doll sitting next to Nović was a type of Luk thep doll (or “child angel” doll) currently popular in Thailand, which are blessed by Buddhist monks and believed to be possessed by a “wandering benevolent spirit” to protect and watch over the doll’s owner. But does it even matter? Either way, “wandering benevolent spirit” or not, it’s still creepy as hell, as Nović was to learn over the course of her flight.

When your seat mate traveling with a bunch of bananas is the least strange thing about them, that’s really saying something. Nović’s next tweet finally revealed the destination of the doll’s owner, which makes the whole thing no less strange.

Still creepy.

Judgement or not, this woman has earned herself the karmic equivalent of having no seat mates, period, for the rest of her life.