These Are The Worst Types Of People To Sit Next To On A Long Airplane Ride

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03.09.16 4 Comments

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In a world in which travel (specifically of the air variety) is becoming both cheaper and (sometimes) more comfortable, there’s just one thing that drives flyers more mad than anything else. It’s not lack of Wi-Fi or too tiny seats (although those are problems, too), though; it’s the other people on your plane–the ones who talk too much, take too many selfies (#FLYING!!!), and refuse to stay in their tiny-ass seats, even when their place is by the window.

In a new survey released today by Hipmunk, 1,650 people of all ages revealed what types of travelers were the most monstrous when it came to long plane rides. At the top of the list? The drunk traveler, likely because there’s no way to predict how they’ll behave or what they’ll say while they’re sitting next to you. Plus, about two hours into a six-hour-flight, sitting next to someone who smells like they’re running a distillery in row 12 makes most people want to either go for the barf bag or jump straight out a window just to catch a tiny breath of fresh air (even a trip to the bathroom, which is guaranteed to burn your nose off with its chemical smell, might be a welcome relief).

But if the traveler who’s been over-served is the worst, they’re certainly not the only type of offender that makes travelers roll their eyes. Coming up behind the heavy drinker is the person who talks way too much. You know the type: the kind of person who’ll try to talk your ear off about their kids, their travel plans, their job, and their most profound life experiences even as you put on your headphones, bury your nose in a book, or put on a sleeping mask and pray that the flight will either end shortly or crash deep into the ocean so you can have a few blessed moments of solitude before you have to fight for a spot on a life raft.

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