Here Are The Trending Travel Spots You’ll See On Instagram In 2018

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Unsplash - Christopher Burns

Guess what I learned today? The United Nations World Tourism Organization spends each year tracking all international visits from travelers. Neat, huh? Then, the group releases a list of the cities whose tourism has spiked the most over the previous twelve months and suggests them as the next big vacation spots of choice.

We took that information and arranged the top ten locations with some gorgeous images. So, if you’re itching to make some 2018 travel plans, start setting up flight trackers for the cities on this list to find cheap airfare to the coolest destinations on Earth before other people realize they are missing out.

10. Israel


Although Israel is a relatively small country, it has seen a 25 percent increase in tourism over the previous year. People are flocking to the round-the-clock beach scene in Tel Aviv, the holy city of Jerusalem, the beautiful Negev Desert, the Dead Sea (the lowest place on Earth), and a northern coastline that includes Haifa, a city likened to San Francisco.

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