Watch Robert De Niro Trick Zac Efron Into Making Him A Tasty-Looking Turkey Sandwich

It doesn’t matter what you think of Robert De Niro, when that guy says he’s going to teach you all about acting you shut up and let him do his goddamn job. And that’s why it’s so easy for the Academy Award winner to get Zac Efron, who’s understandably awed to be in the presence of his Dirty Grandpa co-star, to make him a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, though — a turkey sandwich with the nice spicy mustard. You know the kind that really adds flavor to a scene.

Of course, both Efron and De Niro are in on the joke in this Funny or Die video, but it’s still fun to hear one of the world’s best actors telling Zac Efron to take “two effing pieces of turkey” and “put them on the effing whole wheat bread.” The important message here, of course, besides learning that mayonnaise and mustard are the “yin and and yang of acting or whatever you want to call it,” is that De Niro’s health conscious. No bologna or white bread for Taxi Driver. And no crusts, either. Crusts make for some bad, bad acting. Wonder how Ben Stiller feels now, though, knowing that Efron makes a better sandwich than he does.

(Via Funny or Die)