The Zombie Frappucino Is Here To Keep You Up At Night (With Sugar)

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Halloween means all sorts of sugary “limited edition” attempts at your dollar. And Starbucks, as it showed us with the Unicorn Frappuccino, is not above such bids. But what’s in this new, much-hyped Halloween drink?

According to Starbucks, the drink itself is appropriately Halloween-y in flavor as well as looks. The core is the Frappuccino creme with caramel and apple flavoring added with a green tinge. So, in other words, it tastes like a vanilla-heavy candy apple. On top is pink whipped cream (brains) topped with a red mocha drizzle (the blood in this equation). All it needs is your barista to squiggle a face on the side and you’re drinking down a zombie to nothing.

It hit the streets today to somewhat mixed reactions:

Of course, it’s also Halloween appropriate in that basically you’re drinking an entire bag of Halloween candy there, and possibly gaining the ability to pop through walls like a ghost as a result. Hopefully this will be less frustrating for baristas than the Unicorn Frappuccino. But early reaction is not promising in that regard:

Oh well, we guess if all else fails, a barista snapping and murdering a bunch of pushy, irritating people at the coffee shop is seasonal. Come to think of it, why isn’t that a horror movie? If Netflix can find room on its servers for Blood Glacier and Sharktopus, surely Blood For The Barista would merit a slot. Or we could go classy, just call it The Barista and have an ominous poster, our killer standing in the doorway, a milk steaming pitcher dripping frothy blood in hand.

Call us, Netflix. We work cheap.

(via Eater)

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