A 99-Year Old Woman Finally Received Her College Diploma After Someone Paid Her $5 Fee From 1939

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Chances are that if you’re a college student or at least have been before, you know what a pain in the crack random fees can be, especially when you never even knew they existed in the first place. Jessie White knows about BS fees all too well, as a $5 transcript fee kept her from graduating from Beal College in Bangor, Maine, but she finally got around to grabbing her diploma last week. All it took was 75 years and a friend speaking to the current president of the university about throwing her a little ceremony, as I’m just going to assume that the president in 1939 has retired since then.

Why Jessie didn’t pay the fee is unknown, as she only told ABC News about how she had to struggle to get work when she was younger. If there are college grads out there who don’t know the ironic pain of hearing a hiring employer say that he prefers someone with experience, then they probably won’t appreciate Jessie’s story. But listening to this 99-year old woman talk about how she has never stopped learning, even after she suffered a disability from a polio infection as a child, is a case of higher learning in itself.

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