A Canadian Man Found A Newborn Moose And Took It To A Tim Hortons

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05.20.14 6 Comments

While his story might sound like a crazy one for any person to experience, it was just another typical night in Ontario* for Stephane Desgroseillers, who was driving home and spotted a very scared baby moose on the side of the road. Desgroseillers told this bizarre story to CTV News in Toronto, but only after people found out about it in a more modern kind of way. Videos were posted to YouTube almost as soon as Desgroseillers arrived at his local Tim Hortons with his new baby moose companion the next morning, and you’re probably wondering why this guy was still driving around with a moose that clearly needed some attention from veterinary and wildlife experts.

Well, when Desgroseillers was trying to figure out what to do with the moose, he first tried to send it back into the woods, because it’s like they always say, “See no lost, terrified baby animal, hear no lost, terrified baby animal.” But the man knew better than to leave the poor thing to be roadkill, so he tried to contact the local wildlife refuge. Except he accidentally called the local animal hospital, which was closed, so his only option at the time was to take the baby moose home. The results, I’m sure, we’re absolutely cute but smelly.

That’s how he ended up with the moose at Tim Hortons the next morning, because he needed to grab some coffee after the crying baby kept him up all night. You can watch Desgroseillers talk all about it on the CTV News broadcast, and here’s some footage captured by a local woman. Long story short, LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE BABY MOOSE YOU GUYS!

*I just assume that baby moose are running all over Canada at all times. Also, everyone carries a harpoon everywhere.

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