A Dad Came Home From His Final Deployment To Surprise His Daughter At Her Graduation

Senior Writer
05.27.14 4 Comments

Taylor Crafton knew that her dad wasn’t going to be able to make her high school graduation ceremony, so her family did the next best thing and brought a cardboard cutout of him to at least make it look like that he was giving double thumbs up from the crowd. Chris Crafton had been serving with the U.S. Air Force in Cuba for several months, and he called his daughter to deliver the bad news that he would be missing this important day of hers. She told KOHN News that she didn’t think anything of it, because he had called her from the number that always shows up on her caller ID, but we all know better than that by now.

Instead, Chris returned from his final deployment to surprise his daughter in front of the packed crowd of Grand Forks Central High School’s newest graduates and their families, but he did it with a little twist that makes this different from all of those other videos that we love. Chris didn’t even tell his wife that he’d be back, so what he got was an honest, shocked reaction from his entire family.

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