A Florida Man Proposed To His Girlfriend At Gatorland With Help From A Baby Alligator

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06.12.14 2 Comments

When a man from Florida finds love with a woman from Ohio, the world can only stop and admire these two humans, while quietly waiting for something inevitably ridiculous to happen. Case in point: Eric Griemsmann is responsible for one of the most unusual and unique marriage proposals that we’ll see this year, as he brought his girlfriend, Samantha Warner, to Gatorland in Orlando because of her love of alligators.

Quite conveniently, Samantha was selected to be the special guest of honor in the “Up Close and Encounters” act, featuring the radical antics of gator experts Christian and Donnie. Once she joined them in the danger zone, they placed a blindfold on her and that’s when Eric stepped in to cement this couple’s love with an engagement ring. But this is Florida and nothing is ever as simple as that. Naturally, the ring had to be tied to a baby alligator, because in Florida, an engagement is only valid if the woman’s ring finger is still attached to her hand.

(H/T to Fox 8 Cleveland)

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