A Georgia Woman Is Suing Over A City Ordinance That Requires A Prescription To Buy Sex Toys

Senior Writer
05.22.14 7 Comments

Earlier this year, some businesses in Sandy Springs, Georgia filed a lawsuit against the city after an ordinance was passed that required people to either have prescriptions, or at least “medical or scientific reasons,” if they wanted to buy sex toys. Whether or not Sandy Springs is a hot bed of vibrator and Fleshlight use is known only to its citizens, but someone was clearly outraged enough by the idea of self-pleasure that they decided to take away a person’s right to bring home a French tickler or 12. But now the businesses are getting a little extra help from one woman who is suing the city as well, not because she just appreciates a good vibrator, but because sex toys helped save her marriage.

Melissa Davenport told WSBTV News in Atlanta that because she has multiple sclerosis, she and her husband needed sex toys to aid in their intimacy. But because the city has placed a ban on their use for any non-“medical, scientific, educational, legislative, judicial or law enforcement” purposes, Davenport and her husband wouldn’t be allowed to simply waltz into the corner (porner?) store and pick up a dirty DVD and Deluxe Rotating Wallbangers Rabbit Vibrator. Or, you know, something like that. That’s why they’re fighting back to simply have a judge rule the law unconstitutional.

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