A High School Surprised A Janitor With A Bag Of Cash So He Could Visit His Son

Senior Writer
06.05.14 22 Comments

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t love this story just because of Ricky Spaulding’s incredibly corny shirt, but it’s probably indicative of the fun kind of guy he is. Spaulding is the janitor at Anderson County High School in Kentucky, and while the janitor isn’t the first, second or 40th guy you typically think of as the most popular faculty member, that’s far from the case here. Yesterday, Spaulding was called to the school’s gym to clean up a spill during a pep rally, but he received the surprise of a lifetime when the students cheered him on as he was presented with a trash bag full of cash and a check for a grand total of $1,900.

The faculty and students began raising the money for Spaulding when they learned that he hasn’t seen his son, who is stationed in Italy, for more than a year, and he also hasn’t met his new grandson yet. Now, he and his wife can afford to take the trip to visit their son, and hopefully Spaulding wears that shirt, because that would be such a dad thing to do.

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