Adam Pally Dubs Himself ‘The Jewish Matthew McConaughey’ On Conan

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02.14.12 4 Comments

I haven’t been shy about my love for Adam Pally and Happy Endings. I go out of my way to bring them both up whenever possible. This is partly due to the show’s brilliance and Pally’s refreshing portrayal of Max Blum, and partly due to my obnoxious desire to identify talent at a super early stage and stake claim to being the longtime identifier of said talent when others finally start paying attention. Just the other day my buddy JB and I got into a mini argument over who pegged Taran Killam first. Dude had me at “From inventing them?”

I suck, I know.

So Pally was on Conan last night being as schlubby, laid back, and likable as one can be in a tuxedo, and put a mark on the good times exchange when he identified himself as “The Jewish Matthew McConaughey,” which means, “as cool and as laid back as you can be while steal feeling a chill in the air in most diners.”

Full clip after the jump, but first a few choice quotes, sans context, to confuse anyone in a cubicle without volume capabilities…

  • “Instead of scoring chicks he’s into like, uh, penis.”
  • “I got pulled over for not having a dank enough sativa.”
  • “A gay Kevin James situation.”

Team Coco via Splitsider

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