Adam Scott And Nick Offerman Are Here To Crash Your Dorm Party

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05.15.12 5 Comments

All-around super-duper likable guy Adam Scott dropped by The Late Show last night, presumably to promote something, but all that matters is that he instead regaled Letterman and the audience with a story about the time he and Nick Offerman decided to drink beers with some college students at Cal Tech.

I don’t want to spoil any of it, because Adam Scott really is the underrated raconteur and me typing words won’t do it justice, so I’ll just tease this with A) when Nick Offerman gets propositioned to drink beers with college kids he simply responds, “Yeah, I’ll do that” (He does love talking to college kids, after all!), and B) Letterman thoroughly enjoys every second of the story, making the whole thing exponentially better.

“Alright, let’s go blow some minds…”

Those loser Cal Tech kids totally missed out.

CBS via Spitsider

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