Adam Scott's Scholarly Breakdown Of 'Ice Ice Baby' Will Make You A Better Person

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09.19.12 2 Comments

This week has pretty much morphed from Parks & Rec  week to Adam Scott week, hasn’t it? Not that that’s a bad thing (it’s definitely not a bad thing), just something that has happened. As previously noted, Mr. Scott is a spectacular late night guest. This cannot be denied. So when I saw he was going to be on Conan last night I made a mental note to beat all my colleagues to it this morning and of course my efforts have been rewarded.

In the lead video above Adam explains how he had to memorize all the lyrics to “Ice Ice Baby” for that flashback scene in Step Brothers (he hasn’t had a carb since 2004!) and then goes on to brilliantly dissect the opening lyrics to Vanilla Ice’s singular stamp on pop culture history, Danger Guerrero style. It’s quite brilliant. I kind of want to just transcribe the whole thing here but that would probably only make me happy. Just know you’re all VIPs in my, Adam Scott, and Rob Van Winkle’s hearts.

Below we have two more bonus clips. The first is Adam showing off his exceptionally bad Rain Man movie release skills (combined with exceptionally good GD droppage skills) and in the second he explains how he’s either the worst or best dad ever. I can’t decide. Also: 2ND BILLING TO THE GLEE KID, CONAN? C’MON! Just watch Colfer’s nervous giggles while real life Ben Wyatt kills it. Even he knows he shouldn’t be on that couch.

“I don’t follow any sports. At all.” – First chink in the armor, Adam. He probably won’t even think of Jeremy Lin when he reads that.

Source: Team Coco

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