Adult Swim’s Best Specials, Ranked From Weird To Weirdest

Cartoon Network’s cool older brother, Adult Swim, has officially been going strong for 15 years. It’s a late-night place for hidden gems, brilliant and original animated misfits (like Rick and Morty and The Venture Bros), and weird-ass specials that wouldn’t fit in anywhere else.

Also, Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers reruns.

But today, we’re focusing on those weird-ass specials, the ones with names like This House Has People In It, Live at the Necropolis: The Lords of Synth, and Swords, Knives, Very Sharp Objects, and Cutlery. They’re not very long, but they pack an incredible amount of wonderful oddity into 10 to 15 minutes and they deserve to be celebrated and, in the tradition of the internet, pitted against each other via a ranked list to determine which was the weirdest.

6. Goth Fitness

Premise: “A popular fitness couple abandons typical fad systems and introduces their new program based on ancient spells and gothic rituals.”

Why it belongs: What else could possibly be listed at number six, as in 666, the number of the beast? Goth Fitness is a spot-on parody of every 3 a.m. informercial where D-list celebrities tell you — yes, you — how to lose excess weight and gain rock-hard abs while still eating all the burgers with doughnuts as buns you could ever want. The twist here is that the instructors stumbled upon an ancient scroll that will get you ready for bathing suit season. Naturally, Satan and human sacrifices are involved. Draining all the blood out of your body? That’s an easy way to shed some pounds.
5. NewsHits

Premise: “Horrible news bloopers from Your 7 News that should not be aired.”

Why it belongs: We covered NewsHits when it premiered earlier this year and it still hits the sweet spot for anyone who’s familiar with the mundanity of local news. To celebrate Bruce’s last day as an anchor at Your 7 News, his producer Bruce put together a compilation of “fun moments,” including some from his co-workers. The “epic fails” start off with some inoffensive flubs before things get super dark. Bruce has been a very bad boy.

4. Fartcopter

Premise: “It’s a remote-controlled helicopter that also makes a farting noise, like a flying whoopee cushion. The infomercial is hosted by a young, fast-talking, super-enthused kid who shows all the hilarious ways fartcopter can be used to make your friends laugh. Oh, and also if you switch fartcopter to DRONE mode, it becomes a military-grade killing machine. Kids love that too!”