Alec Baldwin, NPR Podcast Host

10.13.11 8 years ago

In arguably the funniest sketch in SNL history (Who ya got?), Alec Baldwin played Pete Schweddy, a fictional purveyor of fine chocolates who went on an NPR program to boast about his delicious Schweddy balls. The skit is still so popular today that it was recently lionized by the fine folks at Ben & Jerry’s with its own ice cream flavor.

And very soon now (Oct. 24) life is going to going to imitate art once again when Baldwin takes to the web with an NPR show of his very own in the form of a weekly podcast.

The first interview posted will be with actor Michael Douglas, who talks about watching “Glee” with his young daughter. Other interviews to follow will be with Republican campaign strategist Ed Rollins, reality-show celebrity Kris Kardashian Jenner, comic Chris Rock, actress Kathleen Turner, author Erica Jong and veteran talk-show host Dick Cavett, station WNYC said Thursday.

Baldwin said that he’s been exploring other things to do, knowing that his small-screen life as crazed corporate executive Jack Donaghy is heading toward its end.

His mixture of guests on the radio show will take in several fields, although he leans toward fellow entertainers. Baldwin said he’s particularly interested in talking with show-biz veterans about the directions their careers have taken and how they keep the juices flowing.

This is all good but Kris Kardashian Jenner? Really? Anyone but a damn Kardashian, Alec! Additionally, the AP story on Baldwin’s new podcast contained a tidbit about the upcoming season of 30 Rock

Baldwin said his “30 Rock” contract ends after the upcoming sixth season, which will begin with Donaghy “in agony” because his wife is being held captive in North Korea. There’s a possibility the show might be extended another year, but he said he’s not sure whether he wants to do it.

Jack Donaghy vs Kim Jong Il is must-see TV in my house! Hurry back, you guys!

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