An Iowan Would Like A Word With You About Iowa

01.03.12 2 Comments

Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial rock that cuts off any and all communication with the outside word, you know that Iowa today is the epicenter of the American political universe, as Republicans in that state seem poised to select Rick Santorum (RICK SANTORUM, a man who wants to rid the nation of birth control pills!) as the person they’d like to see take on Barack Obama for the presidency in the fall (Talk about settling for whatever’s still around when last call is announced at the bar!). You know this because seemingly every media organization in the world (Even freaking Buzzfeed!) has people on the ground in Iowa to report on the pizza Michele Bachmann ate for dinner last night, or the disgusting-sounding salad some enterprising restauranteur named after Santorum. This while the media still screams about going broke, mind you. Surely the resources used to cover a presidential caucus that rarely winds up choosing the eventual president couldn’t have been better used to root out corruption or something, right?

Anyway, a bearded guy from Iowa named Scott Siepker made a YouTube video to let it be known that his state is not the bastion of staggering idiocy the media and the moronic GOP candidates they’re covering may have led you to believe. So enjoy having some Iowa knowledge dropped on you, f*ckwad.

(HT: GQ’s Tumblr)

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