'Anchorman' + 'Hunger Games' = Classy GIFs

Entertainment Editor
04.05.12 2 Comments

When Ron Burgandy himself appeared on Conan to play jazz flute and announce the Anchorman sequel, we rejoiced with a GIF gallery and by building a time machine (which explains why the GIF gallery was posted a month before the announcement, you see).
We weren’t the only ones with a time machine, apparently, because Nate Smith of Slacktory theorizes Anchorman was actually based on the not-yet-written-at-the-time Hunger Games series. He makes a compelling argument in the form of GIFs.
Some of our favorite ones (made by Nate Smith and Sam) are below. Thanks to Sam for the assist.

View the rest of the .gifs in their original order at Slacktory.

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