Anderson Cooper Shamed A Reporter Who Asked To Take A Selfie With Him At A Wildly Inappropriate Time

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.23.14 12 Comments

While reporting live from Ottawa yesterday, where a solider was tragically shot and killed by a “terrorist” at a war memorial, Anderson Cooper was asked by “aspiring journalist” Vandon Gene if he could take a selfie with the Silver Fox. Cooper, of course, replied, “No, I will not take a photo with you on a day where someone was killed! It seems wildly inappropriate!” But instead of apologizing for the unprofessional request, Gene threw a hissy fit and called Cooper an “ass” on Twitter.

He even uploaded footage of the encounter online, for some reason.

“Hey, I don’t see how he did anything wrong.” — the girl who took a smiling selfie at a concentration camp.

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