So This Happened: Anne Hathaway Rapping About Paparazzi On Conan

08.17.11 2 Comments

Ever since it was announced that Anne Hathaway would be playing Catwoman in the “The Dark Knight Rises,” I’ve gone back and forth in my head over how I should feel about it. To me, Catwoman is supposed to just ooze sex, like Michelle Pfeiffer did back when she took on the role, right? Right? I mean, I love Anne Hathaway, she’s a solid actress and a very pretty lady, but she’s not someone I tend to think of when I think of actresses I’d like to have dirty, nasty, forbidden sex with — and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I also have trouble imagining Hathaway taking down dudes — she’s just too nice. Mila Kunis, for instance, I could believe as an ass-kicker, and she also has the sexpot thing going on as well. Anne Hathaway is the sweet girl you want to marry much more than she is the girl you want f*ck, and I think Catwoman needs to be played by the dangerous girl you want to f*ck. But maybe she’ll prove me wrong and wow me with her previously unrevealed feline sexiness/asskicking prowess.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, the new Catwoman was on Conan last night talking about a range of things, but also channeled her inner Gwyneth Paltrow at one point and rapped about being harassed by paparazzi. If Conan’s set-up to the bit is to be believed, Hathaway regularly pens raps to vent her frustration over the things that suck in her life. Um, yeah.

Okay, so this — lily white movie stars trying to channel their inner Lil Wayne and Jay-Z on talk shows — needs to stop yesterday. It’s not really that funny, and it’s kind of obnoxious. But I’ll let you be your own judge — Conan’s full interview with Hathaway is embedded below, while her turn as a rapper is embedded above in a shorter clip.

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