Are These Ads For Boy Scouts Or Pawnee Rangers?

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I first saw these bearded scouts this morning on Reddit without much context supplied and couldn’t decide if this was an actual ad campaign or the work of a skilled photoshopper who felt the scouts needed a bit more Pawnee Ranger in them. Turns out they’re the work of the ad wizards at Ogilvy Atlanta and they’re apparently BSA approved.

Sure, some will argue ironic facial hair is played, but we’re talking about a Boy Scouts ad campaign here, not the latest Tumblr to get a book deal, so I say bravo to the Scouts for putting some lulz into scouting even though I’m pretty sure their new spiritual mentor (clearly someone at Ogilvy is a Parks fan) would find himself conflicted by the combination of being one with the wild and bearded tomfoolery.

This is the part where I’m supposed to make a joke about this campaign also being used as a perverted scout leader deterrent (beards on boys is a major turn off!), but I refuse to type “Ron Swanson” and “perverted scout leader” in the same post. Oh wait. Whatever. You get the point. Big photos of scouts in beards after the jump, if you’re into that sort of thing.

And for good measure…

Source: Copyranter

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