Aziz Ansari Explains The Difference Between Online Dating And Computer Dating To Conan

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I would have shared this clip earlier in the day, but since I just wrote up Aziz on Kimmel and I’m desperate to not reveal my ingenious “make an enticing headline out of a late night appearance by one of our favorite people” schtick, I held off until now. This is just a good clip though, and you guys should watch it, and Wall Street is always emphasizing transparency, so there you go.

The first portion about online dating feels like a bit, which it probably is, but I haven’t heard it so it’s new/funny to me as well as rather apropos when you take into account last week’s Tommy Haverford storyline. From there they segue into Aziz’s work against bullying, which much like his Chik-Fil-A stance is quite the refreshing take on a subject that is seemingly everywhere. I also know something about public schools in the Carolinas so that even furthers my affinity. Also: Minotaur threats!

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