Bill Murray Unveils His Hologram On Letterman, Talks Chevy Chase And 'Ghostbusters 3'

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06.08.12 6 Comments

From the moment I saw the names “Murray” and “Letterman” juxtaposed in WG’s “What’s On Tonight” post I knew exactly how I’d be kicking off Friday morning. There’s simply nothing better than Letterman chatting up someone he genuinely loves. And there’s simply nothing better than Bill Murray. So…

Highlights include Bill introducing his new touring hologram to the world. “I’ve been doing all these art films and it’s just killing me financially. Killing me.” Highlights also include Bill delving into the long rumored Chevy Chase feud (“We were just too damn good looking”) and, of course, Ghostbusters 3 (Spoiler: Nobody knows anything). But enough of me typing. Time to sit back on a lazy Summer Friday and catch up with your old friends Bill and Dave. Clips after the jump.

Here’s Bill introducing his hologram. “I tip heavy. I dress like a king. The numbers just spiral…”

On his “Hollywood Fight” with Chevy Chase…

On his career and Ghostbusters 3

And a guide to dominating the Cannes red carpet for good measure…

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