Bill Nye, The Science Guy Pwns CNN Anchor Carol Costello

07.13.12 10 Comments

Here’s everything wrong with CNN — in addition to not reading legal judgments prior to reporting their findings — captured in a single clip: the exceedingly dumb need to delve into the “political aspect” of things that should not be talked about in terms of politics. “A man opened fire on a schoolhouse and killed a dozen children…what are the political implications for President Obama?” Etc.

Take it away, Carol Costello…

“If you Google your name, ‘Bill Nye,’ you’re the kooky guy who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I mean, you’re not a climatologist! You want to defend yourself?”

So, okay, just because a bunch of dumb f*cks out there in middle America don’t like the things that a guy who has dedicated his life to science is telling them — not to mention that every credible climate scientist in the world believes that human behavior is having a detrimental effect on the environment — you just HAVE to let their voices be heard in an interview?! Why not ask about Bill Nye’s “kooky” belief that the earth is round? Surely there are a few jackasses out there who still think it’s flat.

ANYWAY…Nye kind of pwns Costello here, in a polite Bill Nye sort of way, so that’s refreshing. Enjoy.

(HT: Boing Boing)

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