Blockbuster Rises Like a Phoenix, And Promptly Crashes

Senior Contributor

We made fun of Blockbuster and Dish previously, but, realistically, they could have brought some pain to Netflix — after all, they’re two respected brands, and Netflix is embattled lately.

And, yet, handed a prime opportunity, once again, Blockbuster can only point their Zapper impotently at the screen while the Netflix dog chortles at their terrible aim.

Yes, Blockbuster’s DVDs by mail and streaming service is back, baby, with…up to 4000 movies to stream on the PC! And 3000 to your TV! Wow, that’s almost a third of what Netflix streams! And no console or Roku or even iOS or Android apps, because it’s exclusive only to Dish subscribers! And are any of them new releases?

No, of course not!

To be fair to Dish, part of this is simply that Hollywood is trying, and trying hard, to keep their new releases as far away from streaming services, all streaming services, as possible, while DVD crumbles. But that’s not going to be a very viable strategy for long. Still, it’s utterly baffling that Netflix doesn’t really have any competition in its area. Like, at all. There was no reason to limit this to just Dish’s subscribers, there really wasn’t.

Oh well, we guess we’ll just have to keep not buying DVDs.

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