Burger King’s ‘Proud Whopper’ Is Teaching People Something About Gay Rights

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07.02.14 28 Comments
Proud Whopper


In conjunction with San Francisco’s 2014 Gay Pride celebrations, Burger King decided to play a fun little trick on its customers in the City by the Bay. Special “Proud Whoppers” have been for sale in one downtown Burger King since the city’s Pride Celebration and Parade last week – they’re still available through tomorrow – and it was really up to the customers eating them to figure out what the big difference was. Some thought the meat was a little sweeter, while others thought maybe it didn’t have meat at all. Hell, some blurred faces even pondered whether gay people ate whoppers in the first place.

Burger King released a video this morning with reactions from some of the customers, and while this is, of course, still about the brand, the message is pretty special, especially coming from a large corporation that could face serious backlash. Regardless, all proceeds from the sale of the Proud Whoppers will be donated to Burger King’s McLamore Foundation for scholarships benefiting LGBT high school seniors graduating next spring, according to USA Today.

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