CBS Might Be Using ‘Madam Secretary’ As A Secret Campaign For Hillary Clinton And This Guy Is Onto Them

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09.27.14 25 Comments

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With The Good Wife batting clean up and political drama hitting a high point with Scandal and House Of Cards, it is only right that CBS would bring another show into the fold with Madam Secretary. It follows Elizabeth Faulkner McCord played by Tea Leoni, a firebrand, colorful, tough Secretary of State. You know, sorta like Hillary Clinton. Except this is totally not Hillary Clinton, at least not in the sense that this is thinly veiled ad for Hillary Clinton and her possible presidential bid.

The producers of the show, including Morgan Freeman, took to the stage to explain the basis of the show and where Clinton plays in the grand scheme of the story they are trying to tell:

Seems pretty fair to me. Not like real life hasn’t influenced fiction in the past. I doubt All The King’s Men would’ve packed the punch that it did if not for its Huey Long influence. That said, it’s not stopping people from shouting “conspiracy” from their rooftops (or the pages of their local newspaper):

Do a quick search for Clinton and Madam Secretary and you’ll find a bunch of articles from certain sources claiming this conspiracy exists. That’s how it works folks. My local paper is full of anonymous letters and blurbs like this, revolving around Obama’s Muslim background and chemtrails ruining our drinking water.

We live in marvelous times where planting a seed can motivate dozens of fools to action. Yet here we are, still spreading our own butter on toast. Our priorities are f*cked.

(Via Joe Adalian / Town Hall Media)

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