Check Out The ‘Jingle Balls’ On Kmart And Joe Boxer In Their New Holiday Marketing

11.19.13 5 years ago

Joe Boxer and Kmart wanted to show you how “off the chain” they are, bro. So they decided to get “ballsy” with their holiday marketing message. It’s a pretty easy concept, grab some dudes whose Jersey Shore audition reels fell short and have them grind it out to the holiday classic “Jingle Bells” with their jangled balls. It doesn’t take a University of Phoenix scholar to figure out how they put this premise together. “Jingle Balls, like Jingle Bells…Haha! Get it?,” says the usually extremely hungover Creative Director to his client.

It’s important to remember that “balls” is a word that brings out the giggle in most of us. This is an important selling point to the client. Joe Boxer is targeting a male demographic who think the word “balls” is the most hilarious thing ever. Well, that and their DVD of  Freddy Got Fingered. Yes, there’s a secondary target in mind, the females who are close to the “balls” loving male demographic. If their men laugh, they laugh and now everyone with purchasing power is laughing. I love the holidays. Deck the “balls” with boughs of holly…

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