Check Out ‘The Grand Budapest’ Hotel Built Entirely Out Of Lego Bricks

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06.14.14 2 Comments

Some folks look at LEGO as nothing more than children’s entertainment. Others clearly look at LEGO as a full blown hobby. The chance to build what makes them happy with something from their childhood. Or they’re paid by a movie studio to do so.

Take this LEGO replica of The Grand Budapest Hotel from the Wes Anderson film of the same name. A lot of care went into creating this piece and the finished product is nothing short of fantastic. From the description:

To celebrate the June 17th Blu-ray and DVD release of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, Ryan Ziegelbauer and his team of eight model builders — all die-hard fans of Wes Anderson — constructed the Hotel entirely of LEGO bricks!

They spent 575 hours building and designing the replica of the exquisite hotel. To construct the model, more than 50,000 certified Lego bricks from collectors and wholesalers were sourced from Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Italy and 14 different states in the U.S.

I remember having a hard enough time putting together the simple LEGO models, mostly because I’m an idiot. I can’t imagine having the time and patience to slog through this monster set, even with a bunch of folks to help.

(Via Fox Searchlight)

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