George Clooney Stopped By ‘Letterman’ To Make Jay Leno Jokes And Tell Bill Murray Stories Last Night

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02.05.14 7 Comments

George Clooney is a most excellent — if not the most excellent — talk show guest. This is particularly true when he drops by The Late Show as he and Dave are kindred spirits who feed off of one another’s one-liners and are always looking to get a step ahead in the conversation.

Last night was no exception as Clooney begins his Monuments Men media blitz, dropping by to discuss all things Bill Murray, make the perfect Leno-Letterman joke, and close with an adorable cameo from his parents. It’s all enough to make you think the guy is known for his charm or something.

Let’s kick things off with that joke and then get to Bill.

And then George and Dave share Bill Murray stories that are exactly how you’d expect Bill Murray stories to be.

And finally, Clooney reveals that his dad has a cameo in Monuments Men, and Nick Clooney reminds us he’s the OG charmer at the 2:45 mark.

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