CNBC’s Darren Rovell Really Douched Up The Super Bowl, Via Twitter Naturally

02.06.12 7 Comments

Anyone who’s ever been to the Super Bowl can attest to the fact that the biggest spectacle in all of sports is, up until kickoff of the game, less about the game, and more about the rich and the famous. And it’s an undeniable law of the universe that wherever the rich and famous gather, douchebags will flock to it, like flies to the proverbial mound of dung. In short, the Super Bowl has become more of an event for Brody Jenner than it is for Joe Sixpack.

With that said, to stand out for douchey Super Bowl achievements is no small feat, and over the weekend CNBC sports business reporter and self-appointed top Twitter cop Darren Rovell, the douchebag’s douchebag, did just that, using Twitter, naturally, as the silver platter to serve up his steaming load of awfulness.

What did Rovell do, you ask? Well, to start he tweeted out the photo above of Shaq and his girlfriend posing with some of the Playmates at the party, bitching about how Playboy’s talent has, in his mind, declined over the years. JUST LOOK AT THOSE GNARLY TROLLS!!!

Rovell then took it a step further and commoditized the girls as if they were the avocados or potato chips he also tweeted useless factoids about over the weekend…

Sure, Rovell — I’m sure Playboy’s decline in circulation has nothing to do with naked girls by the gazillions being easily available for viewing on the internet, or the fact that magazine circulation in general has been falling drastically over the years. NOTHING. It’s all because the broads aren’t the dimes they used to be, right?

Hilariously, Playmate Jaime Edmondson, a totally ugly duckling, provided some insight as to why Rovell may have been so critical of the girls: because he was snubbed in his quest for a photo with Playmates to tweet to his followers.

What really sparked the rude comment that @darrenrovell made (because I was there) is that when he asked to take a photo w/ me on the red carpet, the closest person to us was on the phone and advised they were unavailable because they were in the middle of handling an issue at VIP check in and to see if someone else could take it…he then said to me in a snotty fit “Oh not even for my 175,000 Twitter followers” and stormed away

Darren Rovell is a monster. A big douchey monster. Borderline psychopath. Serious question: How does this man still have a job? Don’t people in his position usually get fired for being so blatantly sexist? It has to happen soon, right?

A prediction: Darren Rovell will fall and he will fall hard and this will all end badly. He’s too sad and pathetic for it not to. In the meantime…



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