CNN Rescinds Job Offer To Obama-Trashing Fox News Producer


HAHAHA…here’s a hilarious follow-up to that blatantly un-“fair and balanced” Obama video that aired on Fox & Friends yesterday morning, the one Fox News has been trying desperately to distance itself from. As you may recall, at the end of the segment, punchable-faced garden gnome Steve Doocy name-dropped the producer at Fox News who made the video, lauding him for his unparodiable work.

Well, as it turns out, that producer, Chris White, was on his way out the door for a job at CNN, but because Doocy outed him as the mastermind behind the video, CNN rescinded their job offer, and now he’s apparently at risk to lose his job at Fox News as well.

Reports the New York Times:

The Fox News producer behind a provocative four-minute anti-Obama video that aired Wednesday and caused the network considerable embarrassment has found his career on ice.

The producer, Chris White, had been offered a job by CNN before the video was broadcast. But on Thursday, a CNN spokeswoman said that the network would not be hiring him.

Mr. White’s fate at Fox News is unclear.

All of this proves once again that Steve Doocy just ruins everything. Chris White should punch him in his big, stupid, overtly punchable face. Do it, Chris White. DO IT!!!

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