Colbert Captures 'Bada$s' Biker Popping Wheelies In Lincoln Tunnel On His iPhone

04.06.12 2 Comments

Somewhere out there in America is a guy who pops wheelies in the Lincoln tunnel on a dirt bike. If there is a God in Heaven today that guy will get an email from a friend asking “Is this you?” with a link to the Colbert segment below pasted inside. As it happens, Colbert videoed this guy on his way to work yesterday with his iPhone.

“Clearly, America is back, ladies and gentlemen,” Colbert said last night. “This…this (makes cupping gesture) huge, huge balls, stick it to the man, live free or die attitude has been a vital part of this country ever since George Washington jumped the Delaware…this Lincoln tunnel guy is the spirit of America.”

Colbert went on to say that the biker guy later pulled up next to him and asked if he could text the video he’d taken to him, but Colbert forgot his number. So he played it on his show and he’s hoping viewers can help him find America’s new wheelie-popping hero.

In a word: incredible.

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