Stephen Colbert Isn’t Going To Let Anyone Forget About Mitt Romney’s Fancy Olympic Dressage Horse


Ever since the Fox News mole released an audio tape of Mitt Romney discussing his love of dressage horses with Sean Hannity off-camera, the presidential candidate has been trying desperately to distance himself from the “sport” most view as something only rich, elitist as$holes give a crap about. Compounding matters for Romney is the fact that one of his family’s prize show horses, Rafalca, is competing for a gold medal in dressage at the Olympics. Cue Stephen Colbert relentlessly lampooning the whole thing — “horse ballet” as he calls it — regularly on his show.

“There will be no VP announcement until after Rafalca is done competing in the Olympics, and that can mean only one thing — Romney has chose Rafalca as his running mate,” Colbert quipped last night. “Like (Sarah) Palin, Rafalca’s female, also doesn’t read newspapers and finished the same number of terms as governor.”

Most hilarious, however, has been a two part segment in which Colbert gets formal training in “horse ballet” from one of the leaders of the “sport.” Both parts left me with tears in my eyes. Enjoy…

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