‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Is Coming To IFC

IFC announced this weekend that they picked up a “Comedy Bang! Bang!” TV show from Scott Aukerman, host of “Comedy Bang! Bang! The Podcast” (formerly “Comedy Death Ray Radio”). On today’s episode of the podcast, Aukerman invited Bob Odenkirk (who hired Aukerman to work on Mr. Show back in the day) on to talk about the pilot episode of the show, in which Odenkirk had a cameo. The pilot was filmed in June, and they’ve been working on episodes for a few months with plans to start shooting in a few weeks. They had to keep their announcement somewhat vague:

Scott Aukerman: “I can talk about the type of show it’ll be. Fans of this show [the podcast] will not be disappointed–
Bob Odenkirk: “Set the bar a little higher than that. ‘You won’t be angry at your TV.'”
Scott Aukerman: “It’s going to be more visual than this show. Well, it would have to be more visual than this show.”
Bob Odenkirk: “I hope.”

The show includes a mix of interviews and sketches with improvised elements, overall less formal than a regular talk show. Aukerman produces Between Two Ferns, and it sounds like this show may have the same vibe. Plus, if the show ever starts falling apart, they could always have Don Dimelo bring out the girls. If it isn’t obvious yet, I’m a fan of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” because it’s awesome, and if you haven’t heard the 2011 Holiday Spectacular yet, you need to. After the jump are some classic clips from the podcast (NSFW audio), although some great ones aren’t available on YouTube. They don’t have “Jesse Ventura” (James Adomian) talking about Enigma Force Five? It’s a conspiracy.


Jon Hamm rapping starts at 1:33


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