‘Community Is Coming Back’

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01.09.12 4 Comments

In mid-November, NBC Britta’d their whole schedule by pulling Community from their midseason lineup and putting it on hiatus, with questions about whether it would ever be renewed. For obvious reasons, we didn’t take it very well. Nor did the internet, and a movement to save the show started. We even contributed a Venn diagram expressing our love for both great comedy writing and all things Alison Brie (especially things like these). For their part, the Community cast made funny videos to save the show and to reveal it was all the dream of The Soup‘s host. And Dan Harmon wallowed in bitterness, as all writers should. (It works for us.) To cap it all off, Community won TV Guide’s fan poll, beating out several, um, “good” shows that were already renewed.

All this love expressed for the show has finally paid off, as NBC Entertainment President Robert Greenblatt told Jace Lacob of The Daily Beast a fantastic piece of news during a press tour for the Television Critics Association:

Community is coming back. […] We just had to get some stuff moved around for midseason, but it’s not going anywhere. I can’t say anything about next season yet, but the fact that people think it’s gone . . . I need to fix that.”

This is indeed the darkest brightest timeline.

Time to celebrate…

[H/T: IFC]

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