Conan And Letterman Got Together And Trashed Leno Hilariously Last Night

05.18.12 2 Comments

As I’ve mentioned previously, few things delight me more than David Letterman trashing Jay Leno, so when I learned that Conan was going to be Dave’s guest for the first time in 13 years last night, I made sure to watch it live, because I figured that the whole thing would involve a healthy serving to Leno-bashing. It did not disappoint, and from the moment Conan came out it was obvious there was a giant, big-chinned elephant in the room.

“I think the longer we just sit here, the more uncomfortable it will make Jay,” Letterman quipped after a moment of semi-awkward silence in the beginning. Conan added that Leno was probably in a satellite truck somewhere watching a live feed of the interview. And he probably was, which means he saw them both mocking his shaky head, a moment immortalized in the GIF above.

Anyway, the Leno-bashing parts of the interview are embedded below. Enjoy…

(GIF via Matt Cherette)

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