Courtney Love Left Her iPhone In A Cab And A NY Times Columnist Found It

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New York Times columnist Frank Bruni found an iPhone in a New York City cab last night. This morning he discovered it was Courtney Love’s. The story of how it all went down is one of the more amusing things I’ve read in a while.

Reports New York magazine:

Bruni shared the circumstances surrounding this wonderful meeting of worlds with Daily Intelligencer. On his way home from dinner at Barbuto last night, the New York Times writer came across the phone as he was exiting his taxi. “I assumed it was mine. I thought, Jesus, Frank, I can’t believe you left another phone in a cab,” he said. “But then I realized I was talking on my phone, so it couldn’t have been mine.” (Love’s iPhone, Bruni said, doesn’t have a case, but the screen is not cracked, for the record.)

“It didn’t ring last night, but it rang this morning and I discovered that I couldn’t even answer a call,” he said. “It was super-locked.”

But at the office, Bruni’s assistant, Isabella Moschen, realized she could see the incoming texts.

“First I saw that Stella Schnabel had just texted her,” said Moschen. “And then I noticed this name, Lo’renzo Hill-White, and I Googled him and he’s a celebrity stylist. Then there was Peri Lyons, the name sounded familiar to me, and I realized my uncle used to date her! She’s a psychic to the stars. I said to Frank, ‘It’s gotta be Courtney Love.'”

“There was another little item on the screen from Instagram and it said someone had posted a picture of her,” said Bruni. “It was a Throwback Thursday.”

Bruni then took to Twitter…

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 3.58.59 PM

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 4.07.59 PM

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