Jimmy Fallon And Amy Poehler Star In More Fake Movie Posters For Movies That Should Be Real

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05.03.12 2 Comments

Amy Poehler dropped by Fallon last night and the two former SNL castmates of course had all the fun you wish you could experience a tenth of with your friends and/or coworkers. In the first two clips (here and here) they talk Parks & Rec finale and Amy’s ambitious summer plans that inevitably will turn into Chinese food + a Game of Thrones marathon. They also introduce the world to my new favorite party game: “Life or Death 5 Second Impressions.”

Amy then participated in one of my favorite of many solid recurring Fallon bits: Fake Movie Poster Improv. Previously, Jimmy and Paul Rudd walked us through Lil’ Patriot and Aww Hail No! and it ended with me wishing I could binge on all the fake movies consecutively without a bathroom break. No surprise at all, the same thing happens here. Video clips after the jump, followed by some high res version of the fake movie posters.

Just when I thought Chronicles of Holkroft 2 couldn’t be topped they went and introduced boob fists…

Amy also knows all about the GIFs and the “Tumbies” in case you were wondering.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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