Fox News Launches New War On Bob Costas

12.11.12 16 Comments

Guns! We, as a nation, should maybe have a reasoned, intelligent, adult conversation about them to perhaps consider reevaluating their availability, right? Surely, what with all the gun violence that continues to plague this country, we can all agree on that, right?

Wait, what’s that, Fox News? It’s “too soon?” It’s always too soon, isn’t it? And what’s that…everyone’s got better things to do anyway and they’ve no time to be bothered by such a heavy discussion, EVER? Stupid Bob Costas! How dare he try to make us all stop and think, for once.

Okay, all jokes aside, thanks a lot Fox News for actually making me sympathize with Bob Costas, for once.

Here’s part one of the Daily Show‘s segment on the new war on Bob Costas…

And here’s part two…

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