Fox News Website Gives Up On Trying To Distinguish Itself From A KKK Newsletter

08.05.11 3 Comments

In the past few months I’ve grown quite adept at ignoring the increasingly common, flagrant race-baiting by certain aspects of the conservative noise machine, but I simply cannot ignore this, the top story on right now, if only for how hilariously bad Fox News is at trying to scare white people.

Some background: Yesterday was president Obama’s 50th birthday. To celebrate, the Obama’s threw a BBQ last night at the White House — the house the president gets to live in and have people over to by virtue of being elected — and paid for everything out of their own pockets. They invited friends over, as people tend to do when they have birthday parties. Seeing that he’s the president, some of Obama’s invited friends are rich and famous. And some of them, by golly, are black, like he and his wife are!

With all of that said, what you see above is how Fox News (Fair and Balanced!) presented the event to readers of it’s online news site, Fox Nation. Don’t they know that even the whitest of white people tend to love Charles Barkley and Chris Rock? Jesus Christ you are truly awful Fox News.

And this is how influential conservative gadfly Matt Drudge presented the BBQ story at the top of the page to visitors of his site.

Black people dancing! In the White House! To hip-hop! WITH THEIR SHOES OFF!!! How dare they? The horror!

Seriously though, ineptitude aside, I defy anyone to try to defend this, because it is simply indefensible. It’s one thing to relentlessly trash the man’s presidency and his policies, but a political propaganda machine disguised as a news organization trying desperately to stoke the fears of simple white people is just indefensible. I imagine Joseph Goebbels is watching/reading Fox News in hell right now while masturbating frantically. “They’re SO GOOD. This is what I always imagined I could be!”

Look, it’s no secret that they’ve been doing this nonsense forever, but this is some next level sh*t right here. As Oliver Willis put it on Twitter, “Fox News gives up on racist dogwhistle, trades it in for a racist vuvuzela.” The only way they can stoop any lower at this point would be to run an Obama parody sitcom on the network featuring actors in blackface playing the Obamas — and honestly, it honestly don’t know if I’d be shocked if they did.

If there’s a bright side to all this, in addition to Fox News’ laughable ass-showing display, it’s that the post brought out some of Fox News’ best — and when I say best I mean worst — commenters. Seriously, go spend a few minutes in that thread if you enjoy laughing at dullards. Keep in mind, however, that doing say may make you want to move to Australia or something. This one made me LOL…

Barry is the one that invited them………don’t blame us.
Where was?
Keith Urban
Carrie Underwood
Taylor Swift
Trace Adkins
Rascal Flatts
Kellie Pickler
Miranda Lambert
Lady Antebellum
Tim McGraw
Blake Shelton

UPDATE: In the time I was putting together this post, a rather hilarious Twitter hashtag related to all this broke loose: #hiphopbbq. Here are a few of my favs…

There’s also some photoshop fun to be had with this as well. Now watch this video on the evolution of hipsters for a laugh to cheer yourself up…

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