Good Lord Jon Stewart’s Trump/Palin/Pizza Rant Last Night Was EPIC!

06.02.11 13 Comments

As you may have heard, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin dined out together in New York on Tuesday night, and controversy surrounded both the choice of venue — Famous Famiglia’s pizza in Times Square — and the manner in which Trump and Palin consumed their pizza — with a fork and knife. New Yorkers are downright apoplectic over the whole affair, and last night Jon Stewart hilariously channeled his inner Robert Deniro to add the exclamation point to the local outrage.

In all seriousness, I’ve been watching the Daily Show for, God, over a decade now, and I don’t recall ever laughing as hard as I did for this one. I’m talking doubled over, snorting, tears in my eyes laughing. This one was so in Stewart’s wheelhouse it wasn’t even funny. Enjoy…

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