Hallelujah! Trapper Keepers Are Back… Well, Sort Of.

06.30.14 4 years ago 2 Comments

Recently, my friend and I had a long and nerdy discussion regarding some of our favorite school supplies from the ’90s. Being that I grew up on all-things Lisa Frank (gosh, those unicorns were magical), I was more than happy to wax nostalgic about those zany Yikes! pencils, genius erasable pens, and colorful Troll toppers of yesteryear. I was especially pleasantly surprised, then, to read that the almighty Trapper Keeper has made its comeback. Well, until I got the full story…

Instead of holding together the pimple-ridden, insanely disorganized chaos that is junior high life, these products are Trapper Keepers merely in their design and not so much in their actual function. They exist solely to hold your fancy tablet.

You’ve seen the designs before. And now they’re available in a cool, lightweight case for your tablet. Kensington is drawing on our company’s nostalgic past to create a case for today with the new Mead-inspired universal cases for 7-inch and 8-inch tablets. The soft, lightweight case offers secure protection for your device through the Silicone 4-Corner Base, which uses stay straps that come up and over the corners of the tablet. The inside cover has soft microfiber lining that prevents the screen from getting scratched or damaged and a magnetic flap keeps the folio securely closed. The cover can be opened or folded into an upright or low-angle triangle stand so you can select the ideal position for watching videos, typing emails or web browsing.

I guess it’s a cute idea, and I’ll admit that our Internet-driven 2014 selves don’t exactly require such antiquated goods, but I was kind of hoping for an intense, heavy-duty, Chemistry 101-will-be-the-death-of-me Trapper Keeper to make its epic return. Something like the monster Trapper Keeper in that excellent season four episode of South Park, but maybe not quite as murderous ya know?

Kensington via Mashable

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