Hanksy Brings Together Tom Hanks And Banksy. Finally.

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01.18.12 2 Comments

For the past year, Banksy parodies have been pasted to walls in the Lower East Side of New York City by the artist/artists known as (of course) “Hanksy.” Each one mimics a Banksy work but adds Tom Hanks and references to his films. In an interview with Bowery Boogie, Hanksy says his or her mission is to win an Academy Award for making a film called Exit Through The Gump Shop. Hanksy’s favorite Tom Hanks film is a tie between The ‘Burbs and Joe Versus the Volcano (both good choices) and his or her favorite graffiti so far is “You’ve Got Male” based on Banksy’s “Fast Food Caveman”.

Hanksy may not get that Academy Award, but at least there’s a gallery showing to put on the resume. This weekend the Krause Gallery opened an exhibition of Hanksy graffiti. They played songs from Tom Hanks movies and handed out Dr. Pepper, boxes of chocolates, and 200 numbered Hanksy masks. They even received a personalized letter from Hanks on Playtone (That Thing You Do) letterhead. A rumor circulated for awhile that Colin Hanks would attend the opening, but that turned out to be false. We were Colin shenanigans on that rumor all along.

When asked if a graffiti artist is “selling out” by exhibiting works in a gallery, Hanksy reasoned, “I know it doesn’t seem like it as of late, but traditionally January has been known to be quite cold and I see nothing wrong with viewing art in a climate controlled room.” We agree! With that in mind, here are several Hanksy gags to be viewed in the climate controlled environment of your choice, and, if you aren’t in a warm room, just rub some sticks together and yell, “I have made fire” at the nearest volleyball. That’s how we ride the subway.

[Image credits: Madeleine Pascal, Nerdcore, The L, BoweryBoogie (1, 2, 3), HuffPo, Gothamist]

A personalized letter from Tom Hanks on Playtone stationery.

League of Their Own peeing scene reference? YES.

Not a Hanksy, but t.hanks for reading.

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