HBO Has Unveiled The Trailer For Sarah Jessica Parker’s New Series ‘Divorce

Sarah Jessica Parker has been busy insisting that she isn’t a feminist and severing her ties with notorious Epipen price hikers Mylan Pharmaceuticals, but she is finally returning to television in a leading role for the first time since Sex and the City ended in 2004. After more than a decade away, a brief stint on Glee not withstanding, the first extended look at SJP’s new HBO show Divorce should be a welcome treat for her fans.

In the trailer, we see Sarah Jessica Parker’s Frances and Thomas Haden Church’s Robert decide that they need a divorce. Simple, right? Well, of course it won’t be simple. The trailer shows advice being given by friends on both sides of the battle lines, some petty moves like Robert “packing” Frances’ suitcases for her and leaving them on the front porch, and a therapy session that looks anything but productive.

The supporting cast is stacked with role players like Molly Shannon, Talia Balsam, and Tracy Letts, so even if the subject matter or the leads don’t convince you to watch this new half-hour comedy maybe the early glimpses of the talent and humor on hand will be enough of a reason to tune in when the series premieres on October 9th.

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