Here’s A Video Montage Of People Unplugging The TV At Crucial Points During The Super Bowl

02.07.12 2 Comments

As you may have heard, I’m a guy who loves a good prank — both pulling one, and being on the receiving end of a good one. However, in the course of playing a prank, you should never, EVER, come between a man and football. I’ve tried to imagine the depths of the rage interrupting ANY Saints game would inspire me to, much less if they were playing in the Super Bowl, and I simply can’t even begin to grasp it. There’s even a possibility that the trauma would kill me — like I’d literally have a heart attack or something — before I could pummel whoever did such a thing.

Nevertheless, Jimmy Kimmel last week urged his viewers to take their lives into their own hands and unplug the TV at Super Bowl parties during crucial moments in the game, and to upload those videos to YouTube — the so-called, “Jimmy Kimmel Challenge.” The result is a pretty funny compilation of football fan shock, rage and horror. And this is only funny because it didn’t happen to me.


(HT: Laughing Squid)

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