Hipsterdom Reaches Its Apex With Obscurometer, Which Tells You How Obscure Your Favorite Band Is

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One of the easiest, and most accurate, impressions of a hipster is, “Hey guys, have you heard of [ridiculous band name, something like Rhinoceros Feathers]? No, well, you should. They’re way underground, but they’re pretty much the greatest crunk-funk-hop band ever.” Well, now there’s a SCIENTIFIC (sort of) way to tell your jerk hipster friend that, actually, no, [ridiculous band name, something like the Pleated Salt Shakers] aren’t as unknown as you think they are. All thanks to Obscurometer.

[Obscurometer is] a tool to measure just how obscure the music you listen to is. Are you a Top 40 fan, or an indie rock individualist? Simply enter your last.fm username, and The Obscurometer will calculate both how obscure your musical tastes are as compared to other people, and how obscure your favorite artists are. It’s simple, easy, and fun; so what are you waiting for? (Via)

Let’s give it a whirl, beginning with the Beatles.

And now we’ll compare them to Titus Andronicus:

And Clay Aiken:

And DJ Yella:

And Mouse Rat:

You get the idea. So, going off of the Obscurometer’s flawed sample size, Titus is nearly six times as obscure as the Beatles, who 11% of the population haven’t heard of, apparently. (Radiohead have an even lower number than Fab Four, with a 3% obscurity level.) None of this means anything, of course, other than someone decided that what the world needed was a website that TELLS YOU HOW ANTI-MAINSTREAM BANDS ARE.

This is what I imagine record stores were like in the 1980s. And now, I guess.

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