History Repeating: Guy Fowlkes Arrested In Gunpowder Plot

Entertainment Editor

Remember, remember, the 20th of June.  Wait, that’s not how the rhyme goes.  The 5th of November in 1605 was the day the Gunpowder Plot would have come to fruition if Guy Fawkes had not been caught guarding explosives planted underneath the House of Lords before the State Opening of Parliament.  You can find out all about it in the movie V for Vendetta, which is a perfect account of exactly how things went down (I got awesome grades in History).

Now Guy Fowlkes, a 33-year-old Florida resident (We knew it would be you, Florida), has been arrested for a gunpowder plot of his own.  Fowlkes was working at a fireworks tent in Ocoee when he was alleged to have hit his pregnant girlfriend.  He then allegedly fought with a coworker, lit two firecrackers and dropped them into the gas tank of a coworker’s car, and started a fire inside the fireworks tent.  When police arrived, he appeared to be having a seizure and later told police he couldn’t remember what happened.  He’s being charged with arson and aggravated domestic battery as well as battery on a pregnant female, which is apparently common enough in Florida to require a separate criminal statute.

You can watch a video of the fireworks below.  Pretty impressive, but the fireworks in V for Vendetta were automatically better.  Advantage: Natalie Portman.


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