Holy Crap This Guy’s Mugshot Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever And Well Into The Afterlife

09.15.11 3 Comments


Reports the Guardian:

WITH a sinister ‘666’ emblazoned across his forehead and horn implants sticking out of his head, this murder suspect poses for one of the most frightening mugshots ever.

Caius Veiovis’ chilling face also includes spiked nose piercings and angry tattoos across his body … The horns, known as subdermal 3-D implants, can be extremely dangerous and surgeons do not recommend ever having them done.

This dude — wanted for allegedly killing three people in Massachusetts — had horns implanted in his head. HE HAS HORN IMPLANTS! Caius Veiovis is basically the Pam Anderson of evil satanists. He makes Charles Manson look like Mr. Rogers.

Jesus. Excuse me while I go find Wes Craven and ask him to give me a hug.

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